5 Popular VST Plugins Compatible With FL Studio

These 5 VST plugins are all compatible with FL Studio, and can make a great addition to your collection of synths. These synth’s are not listed in any specific order. That stated, lets dive right in!

This LennarDigital Sylenth1

LennarDigital has one of the more popular VSTs available, and that is Sylenth1. This is a great synth for many different genres and you can get some great sounds from it without too much of a learning curve.

Sylenth VST


Native Instruments Massive

Massive Synth has some powerful functionality while still keeping things simple. With an uncluttered interface and a lot of great features, you can’t go wrong with NI Massive.

Massive Synth


Image-Line Harmor

Harmor, created by Image-Line, is a powerful additive synthesis VST, and offers you a vast range of features. Great for a wide range of genres, IL Harmor is a great addition to any collection.

IL Harmor Synth


Xfer Records Serum

This next “Advanced Wavetable Synthesizer” is a truly a powerful piece of technology. Serum, made by Xfer Records, may be a bit complex for someone new to electronic music, but it is certainly a great investment.

Serum VST


ReFX Nexus 2

Finally there is the Nexus 2 VST by ReFx. This impressive synth is popularĀ  among many musicians and is commonly referred to as an industry standard.


Nexus 2 VSTi


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